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The circuit provides a first-class opportunity for cyclists to complete a ring taking on differing types of terrain whilst enjoying some breathtaking panorama.
It leaves from the centre of Madesimo, Piazza Bertacchi at the very heart of the village, and after a hundred metres or so on the left, take the Via Groppera and arrive at the foot of the waterfall with its spectacular drop of around 50 metres. Madesimo’s cyclepath then takes on the slope that cuts across the MadeBike Park trails.
Once in the Arlecchino area head towards the north until you spot on the right the signs for Zerbi and the riding school. After a short stretch on asphalt, pedal away on the path until you come to a further asphalt road which leads to the area known as Fondovalle. You’re reaching the final part of the level section now, and a few metres prior, turn left on a path that will take you southwards once more and as soon as you come to the main road again, swing right towards the “Scalcoggia” torrent.
From the “Roman Bridge”, you’re climbing pretty abruptly towards the plateau of Andossi but the panaorama that lie in wait will make all your endeavours worthwhile. Once up there you might consider a short detour to enjoy the Valcava Alpine Garden with its delightful and extensive range of Alpine flowers, plants and herbs.
Andossi is a long ridge hosting vast pasturelands, and is an ideal vantage point to appreciate upper Valle Spluga. Consortium roads and the many pathways between characteristic dry-stone walling will steer you towards panorama taking in on the left the expansive skiarea and Pizzi Emet, Mater, Groppera and Stella. Whilst on the right, Pian dei Cavalli with Pizzo Quadro and the peaks of Ferrè, Tambò, and Suretta outstanding.
Cycling along the route you‘ll come across clusters of mountain dwellings (baite), the pretty little church of San Rocco and happily, places to rest, eat and quench your thirst. The highest point around is the locality of Montaccio (m.1706), from where you’re faced with a somewhat daunting descent along the path which takes you back to Madesimo in the neighbourhood of Scalcoggia.



difficulty 3/4
PERIOD From May to October
MOBILITY MEANS mountain bike
TERRAIN asphalt, pathway


Percorsi ciclabili in Valchiavenna e a Madesimo